Admissions | Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow


Admissions Procedure


Step 1: Inquiry

Visit us here at the PCST campus to know more about our school, curriculum, and facilities. It is not necessary to schedule a visit, but it would be great to know ahead of time. Please come visit us during school hours, 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. The best time to visit would be in the morning so that you can see a regular school day in action.


Step 2: Diagnostic Testing

Now that you know more about us, it's time for the student to take the Diagnostic Test. There is no pass or fail for this test. The purpose is to find out where the student is academically. Prescribed curriculum will be given according to the results of the test. 

Step 3: Conference of test results

Once we have scored the test, we will call you back in to discuss the results. You will be able to see where your child is academically in each subject and what his/her weaknesses and strengths are. We will also discuss with you an academic prescription for your child so that he/she could progress well in the system. You will also be given an Application Packet containing forms and other information which the Principal or duly assigned representative will discuss with you.

A reservation fee of eight thousand pesos may be paid to secure a slot. This fee will be deducted from the tuition upon enrollment.

Step 4: Records Assessment

You're almost done! Now it's time to submit the requirements:

1. Documents 
 - Original copy of Birth Certificate (PSA)

Original copy of most recent Report Card (Form 138/SF9)

2. PCST Forms (Student Application, Standard of Conduct, Parent Agreement, Financial Agreement, Character Recommendation, Graduation Requirement Agreement, Medical History, Anti-Bullying Statement)

3. 2 pieces 2"x 2" ID photo

 *For foreign students, there are additional requirements needed. Please inquire about this.

Step 5: Payment of Enrollment Fees

Choose the preferred payment scheme (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly) and pay to the cashier. Cash and/or check payments are accepted.

Step 6: Family Interview

This may be scheduled together with Step 5. Call the school office to schedule the interview. The whole family (including a caregiver) should be present, if at all possible. This completes the enrollment process.