Initial inquiry is entertained in the School Office at anytime of the year. A PCST brochure is given and a tour of the facilities is conducted by office staff. An Inquiry Form must be    filled out. Scheduling of diagnostic testing is also discussed.

Diagnostic Testing is given on a pre-set schedule upon payment of a Testing Fee. Although prospective students may test at any time, it is recommended that the tests be scheduled in the morning, preferably from 8:00 am – 12:00 noon. Because the testing is not time-based, students may need to return the following day to finish.

An appointment is made 3-5 days after testing for a discussion of the test results with the Principal during which the Application Packet is discussed and given. It is recommended that both parents/guardians come to this conference for a thorough understanding of the test results and corresponding recommendations.

In order to confirm enrollment and reserve a slot, a non-refundable Reservation Fee of Php 4,000.00 must be paid within a week of the conference. A date for the submission of requirements and a Family Interview is also set.

Forms and Agreements in the Application Packet must be completed and submitted to the School Office. This may be done upon reservation and/or interview.

THE STUDENT AND BOTH PARENTS/GUARDIANS ARE REQUIRED to come to this interview with the Principal. Basic philosophy of Christian education is reiterated and major school policies are discussed in further detail; a Family Profile is established; Learning Center placement is finalized; student is fitted for required uniforms.

Student settles initial account in accordance with the mode of payment discussed beforehand.

Important Note:
SUBMISSION of Forms and Agreements, INTERVIEW with the family, and initial PAYMENT are all necessary for a student to be considered ENROLLED at PCST.